3 strategic areas

Steel structures

We are a company that is disciplined in planning, precisión and knowledge of design, engineering, manufacturing and mounting steel structures.

Each project is approached from a new perspective that insists on challenging the status quo. To achieve it, we become involved with the General Contractor in order to define the mounting plan and coordinate the process that allows scheduling the operations opportunely, to maximize productivity.

We work closely with the customer on the design and engineering to guarantee optimum and buildable plans.  Each connection is analyzed and adapted properly.  Each column, each plate, each bolt, should have the precision we are known for.

Production prototypes and components

We have the capabilities to design, prototype and manufacture steel that adapts to your production needs.  We have the technology neccessary from the drilling and cutting of CNC, to high definition plasma cutting.

With our ample array of capabilities in FABER we are your par excellence for production components, including custom steel rolling or molded steel pieces.  Also, our steel rolling capacities for steel plates, brake forming and structural steel rolling.

Sheet Metal for the industry

The fabricating services for Sheet Metal offer a cost-efficient solution and low demand for your manufacturing needs.  Our services run from low volume prototypes to production of large volumes on a variety of Sheet Metal fabrication processes that include water jets and plasma cutting, stamping, punching and soldering.

Our metal fabrication facilities allow us to enter into an ample array of work pieces.  We are able to fabricate small to large mountings, including high integrity mechanical components.